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Our history

M&N Accounting is a personal accounting firm that communicates well with its clients, knows their financial history and condition, and provides services that optimize the client’s financial situation. Our goal is to be an important contributor to our clients as an accountant and advisor. We have a broad network of contacts in the field of auditing and legal services.

M&N Accounting is located centrally on Frogner. We have extensive experience in accounting in most industries. We provide accounting services for customers in Oslo and the rest of Norway. We have employees with a high education and vast experience.

M&N Accounting is an authorized accounting firm that was started by Moosa Ali Rashid and Naila Sohail Khokhar in 2008, both of whom have education in auditing. As the years went by and the clientele grew, we have also been growing.

Accounting is associated with strict formal requirements and tight deadlines. Errors in the financial statements, or non-compliance with deadlines, can have major consequences. We have a high professional standard and good procedures for quality assurance.

The accounting industry is rapidly evolving and more and more of the classic accounting services are being automated. Today, we work to a great extent digitally, but also in paper form, if desired. We offer accounting services from A to Z.

Concentrate on what you are good at – We take care of the accounts!

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